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Dance-a-thon for kids
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Hosting a fundraising dance a thon is a great way to raise money for your elementary school, and with DJ Paul's Dance-Mania fundraising Dance A Thon, it's easy. Our program is developed for primary, junior and intermediate students and we deliver an incredible party the whole school will be talking about for years.

We put the "FUN" in fundraising. Your students will have the time of their lives with our incredible light, laser and video dance party. They'll be dancing and bopping to all their favourite songs. We'll turn you school's gym into an audio-visual wonderland. This is truly the best fundraiser and party of the year!

We have a certified elementary school teacher on staff that develops age appropriate content so you can be assured a safe and incredible experience for each student.

Our extensive experience can greatly expand your fundraising objectives. We will help you with strategies and best practices to motivate students and increase pledge amounts.  

The more excited students get about DJ Paul's Dance-Mania Dance A Thon, the more money they will bring in for your school. And when you add additional incentives for students, we can take your fundraising efforts to levels you never thought possible! 

We are you first choice for dance-a-thon London Ontario. Click the button below to learn more.


Well show you how we can help maximize your fundraising targets and let us bring the "FUN" to your school!

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Dance a thon step one

We provide you with all the information needed to take to your school association to make an informed decision. We'll answer all your questions and ensure you are 100% comfortable with our program before moving forward. 

Dance a thon step two

Two to three weeks prior we deliver a fifteen minute kick-off assembly that gets students excited and starts the pledges rolling in right away. During the assembly we use a mini DJ system and get the students dancing to give them a taste of what's to come.

Dance a thon step three

Promotion is a breeze with our electronic reminder posters and pledge forms. Start collecting money after the kick-off assembly right up to the day of the big event! Some schools raise over five times the investment in our program!

Dance a thon step four

When all the donations are collected, the students will celebrate with an epic dance a thon party. We bring our DANCE-MANIA sound, light and video show to your gym and deliver the best party of the year!

DJ PAUL'S DANCE-MANIA Dance a Thon Fundraiser In Four Easy Steps

five star
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Age Appropriate Dance A Thon Content

We understand what is fun for a grade one student, isn't necessarily going to be fun for a grade eight student. That's why we have age-appropriate content for primary, junior and intermediate grades. We have a certified elementary school teacher on our staff and along with DJPaul, helps to create and review all music and activities for each age group. This ensures all students have the best dance party possible!

We are a Thames Valley District School Board Approved vendor, which means we meet the strict standards of the board to keep everyone safe. 

For dance a thon school fundraiser Ontario look no farther!

Here's The Plan

When we say we can help you raise thousands of $$$ for your school, we mean it. Here is a simple breakdown of what we bring and what you need to do for success.

What we supply:

  • Kick-off assembly to get students excited and motivated to get pledges.

  • Custom electronic marketing posters that can be distributed as needed to remind students to get pledges throughout the fundraising campaign.

  • Customized electronic pledge form for every student.

  • Online song request portal with QR Code to make is easy for students to request songs.

  • Best Practices advice to maximize your fundraising donations.

  • Best dance party of the year with DJ PAUL'S DANCE-MAINIA - students will be talking about it for years.

    1. Professional sound system​

    2. Two 65" 4k TVs

    3. Projector

    4. Awesome light and laser show

    5. Age specific music and video content

What you Supply:


  1. Gymnasium for kick-off assembly and dance a thon

  2. Dates and times for kick-off assembly and dance a thon

  3. Refreshments and snacks to sell (Optional)

  4. Glow sticks and other fun trinkets (Optional)

  5. Incentives for students to get pledges for dance a thon (Optional)

  6. Enthusiastic students willing to get pledges and have a great time dancing to their favourite songs (Mandatory)!

Lets get your school's dance a thon booked with DJ PAUL'S DANCE-MANIA, you have nothing to lose! Click the GET STARTED button below to schedule your free consultation call.

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Dance a thon poster

Our Team and Setup

We'll come to your school and create a dance party your students will be talking about for months, maybe even years!

Why Book




You may ask, why not just hire a regular DJ or even do it yourself? You could do this, however it's all about the experience for the students. We have over five years of experience entertaining elementary school students from kindergarten to grade eight. We have a certified Ontario elementary school teacher on staff helping to create and review content.

A dj service london ontario probably won't have the elementary school experience, or fundraising background that we do.  

We are also a certified vendor for the Thames Valley District School Board which means we have met the strict requirements of the board to keep students safe.

School Gym Dance

Up To 5X Return 

We promise, no school will ever lose money with DJ PAUL'S DANCE-MANIA!


This is why we never charge a deposit fee to book our services. 

If your school doesn't raise the minimum amount to cover our program, you can cancel at any time with no penalty. However, in our five year history, this has never happened.

Most schools see a minimum of 3X, and many see a 4X and even 5X return on investment!

Our Package Includes:

  • Kickoff assembly - 2 to 4 weeks prior to dance a thon.

  • Electronic promotional posters and flyers to help drive pledges.

  • Best practice advice to drive donations.

  • Online student song request portal.

  • DJ' Paul's Dance-Mania dance a thon for all students

    • Professional Sound System​

    • Two 65" 4k TVs

    • Projector

    • Awesome light and laser effects

    • Grade specific content for maximum fun level

School Dance a thon two
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519 878 9998

9 Starlight Lane, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, N0L 1G5

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We bring our show to elemnary schools from Toronto to Windsor. Please contact us to find out if your school is in our travel area.

We can't wait to help you raise money for your school and give your students the best party of the year!


Please fill out the form below to book a pleasant and informative call with our owner and dance a thon expert, Paul "DJ Paul" Nuyens.  


You can always call or text us at 519-878-9998

Well Get Back To You As Soon As Possible


1. Who collects the pledge money?  Pledge money is collected by a school or school association representative. When the dance a thon is over, we will send an invoice for our agreed fee. 

2. What if we need to postpone due to whether?  We understand that schools may have bus cancellations or end up being closed due to inclement weather. In this case we would set up a alternate date that works for both us and the school.


3.  How much do you charge?  We want this to be a successful event for your school. We do not require a booking fee and you can cancel at anytime if you feel the money raised will not cover the cost of the dance a thon. Our fee is competitive, please contact us for a custom quote.

4. What are some of the other ways to raise money during the dance a thon?  Many schools sell refreshments and snacks during the dance a thon. You can also sell glow sticks and other trinkets. 

5 How do we add incentives for students to bring in more money?  You can have a prize for the class that brings in the most amount of money such as a pizza or ice-cream party. Having a specific item the money is going to be used for is also a good motivator, such as a school trip, or new piece of playground equipment.

6. Can the students request songs? Absolutely! We have an online web portal where they can request songs for the entire fundraising campaign. We encourage students to request as many songs as they like. All of our songs are clean to ensure they are kid-friendly! We will do our best to play the most popular requests.

7. Can you recommend an online donation site? You are free to use any donation site you like. However, our favourite is All donation sites will require you to set up a payment processing partner such as Stripe and there are always fees associated with debit, credit card and other online payment methods. Donorbox askes the donor to pay the fees instead of the school. These fees are small for the individual donor, but add up quickly for the school. Since more than 90% of donors say yes, this allows you to keep more of the funds raised.

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